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HOME PAGE A collection of photographs of people that I met while traveling around Europe (and also Israel) who all are holding up one of my  special cards of their choosing.
F&C COLOUR-IZED HOME PAGE F&C COLOUR-IZED An A to Z Rhyming book -and- a collection of Zoppery Rhymes. Both books fully illustrated! Available on Amazon. A ZANY A-Z RHYMING BOOK ZOPPERY RHYMES Zop Zoo Euro Cards - Photo Series (2016-19) ALBANIA ALBANIA The 2020-21 ALBANIA Cards Photo Series! F&C COLOUR-IZED
ZOP ZOO EURO CARDS PORTUGAL Portugal AUSTRIA Austria CZ PRAGUE-BRNO Czech Rep SERBIA Serbia SERBIA Croatia SERBIA Poland The 2022 Travel Cards Photo Series! In 2022 I had a few ideas in my head of  some new zop illustrations that I wanted to create. Each one was challenging in their own unique way, but I’m quite satisfied with the way that they all turned out.  *Here they are for you to see & enjoy below:) F&C COLOUR-IZED