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The first time I travelled to Prague was quite an amazing experience.
Towards the tail-end of my 6 month stay I wanted to make sure to dedicate
some time towards creating some artwork. So I purchased a pad of paper and ta-dah!

This first illustration I created for the cover of Provokator: a Prague Guide.
This second illustration was inspired by a super cool and enchanting flyer I saw.
And this third illustration was commission by my dear friend, Rebekah. It’s of us! :)

This first mural I painted on my bedroom wall to add some personality to my flat.
These next two murals I painted at my friends flat in exchange for my 1 month stay.
The grass and butterfly scene was in their kitchen and the tidal wave was in the stairwell.

I was living in a district of Prague 4 called Branik during my fourth return back.
My flat had a set of watercolors in a drawer so I made use of them. Every Friday and
Saturday night became a tradition of mine to paint and decorate my hand with artwork...

At a beer garden I was introduced to gal who ran and published her own
Prague guide magazine called Provokator. As soon as she found out that I was
an artist she instantly involved me in designing cover illustrations for upcoming mag issues.

While living in Prague I received a set of glass paint from my girlfriend at the time.
I had always been curious about painting in stained-glass so I was very enthusiastic
to try. These are my experimental projects below. I think I took to the new medium well.

I started getting into watercolors during my 3rd and 4th visit to Prague.
Not only are they inexpensive but you can get some fun, easy results with them.
The inspiration for these 3 below sprouted out of pure spontaneity and a playful mind.

Every time I would return to Prague I’d try to make a conscience effort to
created some kind art project. Most of the time it would be from found materials.
Here are some of my masterpieces inspired by joy and my love of the Czech Republic.

Watercolors Prague Paintings Wall Murals Hand Art Provokator “Map”azine